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Faith/Fear T-Shirt

PURCHASE HELP SPONSOR:This T-Shirt was designed by LIHW Ministries. For every T-Shirt Purchased, $5.00 goes to Purchase Bibles to hand out, and to provide Tuition's for children and adults to attend the Christian Family Retreat in June and the Senior Adult Retreat  Many of the children who would like to attend come from underprivileged or financially strapped conditions. Also some of our Senior Saints are on a fixed income and can not afford the much needed break and restoration to the soul the Retreats provide. Your contributions will give each attendant a New Bible and either free, or greatly subsidized tuition to one of these retreat.  All funds donated will go to support the work and the ministry of Living In His Word Ministries as we continue to share the Word of God through Devotions, Preaching, Retreats and more. LIHW is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Thank you for your consideration of this work.

Faith/Fear - T-Shirt


 Black On White Shirt... SM-XLG  $12.00 Ea.

 White On Black Shirts...SM-XLG  $12.00 Ea.

2 XLG Either Color...     $13.25 Ea.

3 XLG Either Color...     $14.50 Ea.

4 XLG Either Color...     $15.75 Ea.

(Sizes Sm- Xlg)


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